The Relius Proposal system offers a wide array of standard reports, or you can customize your own. Our easy to use and flexible report menu screens allow you to quickly select reports or report groups, specify various sort orders for employees, and easily add footnotes to reports.

Below is a list of reports that are available within Relius Proposal. Simply click on the highlighted report below to view.

Note: All files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Plan Reports
  Employee Status
  Upcoming Eligibility
  Contribution Breakdown
  Contribution Breakdown with Totals
  Deposits to Key Employees
  Summary After Taxes
  Summary After Taxes (Without Deferrals)
  Values at Retirement
  Plan Totals
  Pension Plan Specifications
  Cost Summary
  Cost Summary (Without Deferrals)
  Catch-up Contribution Checking Facility
  Census Checking Facility
  Contribution Checking Facility
  Top-heavy Minimum Checking Facility
Legislative Reports
  401(k)/401(m) Nondiscrimination Tests
  401(k) and 401(m) Test Results
  Adjustment to HCE 401(k)/401(m) Nondiscrimination Tests
  Eligibility for Catch-up Contributions
  415 Annual Additions
  HCE/Key Determination Results
  Legislative Corrections
  Top-heavy Test Results
Speciality Reports
  401(k) Feasibility Study
  401(k) Enrollment Forms
  Keogh Checking Facility
  Plans Listing Report
Roth 401(k) Comparison Reports
  Roth 401(k) Enrollment Forms
  Traditional and Roth 401(k) Feasibility Study
  Traditional vs. Roth 401(k) Comparison (Level Contribution)
  Traditional vs. Roth 401(k) Comparison Graphic Tax Analysis (LC)
  Traditional vs. Roth 401(k) Comparison (Level Net Pay)
  Traditional vs. Roth 401(k) Comparison Graphic Tax Analysis (LNP)
Side-by-Side Comparison Reports
  Employee Census
  Benefit Summary
  Contribution Summary
  Contribution Totals
  Percent of Contribution Summary
  Pension Plan Specifications
401(a)4 and 410(b) Reports
  Average Benefit Test Summary
  Highly Compensated Employees
  Non-Highly Compensated Employees
  Cross-Tested Contribution Breakdown
  Cross-Tested Solving Summary
  Employee Checking Facility (By Class)
  Employee Checking Facility - Benefit Annual Basis
  Rate Group Coverage Summary Page 1
  Rate Group Coverage Summary Page 2
  Rate Group Definitions
  Testing Assumptions
  Ratio Percentage Benefiting Report
  Ratio Percentage Coverage Report
Defined Benefit Reports
  Employee Status
  Upcoming Eligibility
  Census Checking Facility
  Cost Summary
  Values at Retirement
  Summary After Taxes
  Pension Plan Specifications
  Summary of Actuarial Assumptions
  Accrued and Benefit Service
  Accrued and Projected Benefits
  Normal Costs and Liabilities
  Present Value of Accrued Benefits
  RPA '94 Current Liabilities
  Maximum Deductible Contribution
  Minimum Required Contribution
  Actuarial Factors [for Funding, 417(e), RPA '94 (404), RPA '94 (412)]