On-site Seminars

All Course Levels
FIS Relius Education has private on-site seminars; speakers are sent to the location of your choice and present a program customized to meet the educational needs of your retirement plan professionals and staff. Planning your own private seminar allows you to:
Eliminate non-essential topics and choose only topics that directly relate to your staff's professions or your business. Piggyback your own regional, sales, training or awards meetings with an on-site educational program.
Save on staff travel and hotel expenses by having the speaker come to your home office. Select the date and set the agenda times to meet the work and travel schedules of your staff.
Provide ample time for more in-depth coverage, as well as questions and answers. Present information to your staff at the right level, based on their current knowledge, background and experience.

Customers say that training staff and keeping them up-to-date on the legislative changes affecting retirement plans is one of the biggest challenges in the industry today. FIS on-site seminars help you meet that challenge!

For more information or to plan your next on-site seminar, please submit a Call Me request.

Audio or video recording of the on-site seminar is not permitted.