Relius Administration Training Passport Subscriptions

Purchase your Relius Administration Training Passport Subscription!

Unlock the power of FIS Relius with a Training Passport Annual Subscription. It is a cost-effective way to bring professional training to your staff. Our training sessions feature the latest interactive Web technology and deliver the knowledge you need to operate more efficiently.

With a Training Passport Subscription, you have the key to high quality sessions presented by our professional FIS Relius trainers. We offer live Web-based sessions covering timely topics that address areas of special interest for your staff (including Relius Government Forms and Relius Documents). In addition to live interactive training, the extensive Training Passport library is available 24 / 7, ready to quickly prepare new hires and better equip your current staff with advanced Relius techniques.

Now Even More Options to Meet Your Training Needs! There are now two levels of the Training Passport -

  • FIS Relius Training Passport includes:
    • Unlimited access to online live training sessions as well as access to all pre-recorded session in the Training Library
    • One hour of private online live training (normally $250)
    • Relius Certification exams

    • Network1 $200/mo $2,400/yr
      Standalone1 $100/mo $1,200/yr

  • *NEW* FIS Relius Pension Training Passport includes:
    • Same benefits as the Relius Training Passport plus
      • Five complimentary registrations to the Pension Educator Series. These two series comprise 21 individual courses that explain everything from what a "qualified" plan is (and why an employer would sponsor one) to how to understand and perform compliance tests. Both series include pre-test assessment tools, detailed text, glossary, real-world examples, and scored quizzes. These are great for new employees that need some additional pension knowledge or offer a great way for keeping up-to-date with legislative changes.

    • Network1 $250/mo $3,000/yr
      Standalone1 $150/mo $1,800/yr

1 Based on Relius Administration license type.

Multiple office locations? We also offer an Enterprise licensing for either the Training Passport subscription. Call your Relius Administration Sales representative for more information.

Purchase Options:
  1. Add monthly fee for either annual training subscription to your Relius Administration monthly service agreement.
  2. Pre-payment of annual fee for either annual training subscription by credit card payment using our secure online order form.
  3. Pre-payment of annual fee for either annual training subscription by check with printed order form.
How to Buy:
  1. Log on using your Relius username and password. If you do not yet have a Relius User login, you will be required to create one using your firm's Customer ID.
  2. Select either New Purchase or Renewal.
  3. Select your annual training subscription option and complete the online order form.
  4. Receive e-mail confirmation with your Passport ID.
Restrictions of Use:
  1. Relius online live training sessions and recorded training sessions include sessions for Relius Administration, Relius Documents, Relius Proposal, Relius Government Forms and Crystal Reports. They do not include Relius Education seminars or conferences or Relius Education archived Web seminars. The Pension Educator Series is included only with the purchase of the Relius Pension Training Passport.
  2. Passport Subscriptions are licensed per client site and may not be shared.
  3. Passport subscriptions entitle the licensee to one seat per live online training event. (More than one employee may attend using a speakerphone and monitor.)
  4. With Passport subscriptions, only the named registrant is recognized for continuing education credits.
  5. Passport subscriptions are non-transferable.

For more information please call 800-326-7235 ext. 1100 or send e-mail to or submit an incident to our Client Account Services department.