Over 200 Readily Available Report Files Are Available Within Relius Administration!

Our easy to use functionality allows you to:
  • Move between separate plans
  • Sort and search on employees
  • Print on any date range within the same plan year
  • Print on single employees or on your defined range of employees
  • And more!

Plus, the Crystal Reports Pro report writing tool (licensed through SunGard Relius) gives you complete flexibility to modify existing report files to fit your needs. You can use Crystal to build custom reports from scratch, perform sophisticated cross plan and database queries and even build custom mailing campaigns. Crystal provides access to 100% of your data and can export any data in a variety of standard data formats such as excel.

Our readily available report files combined with the power of Crystal Reports Pro gives you a infinite number of reporting and query options.

Below is a comprehensive but not all inclusive list of reports that are available within Relius Administration. As a note of clarification, each of the report titles listed also contains their own subset of reports. For instance, when a user selects Plan Audit the user then has three separate Plan Audit reports to choose from. The reports may be distinguished by print type or content or both creating a matrix of over 200 report files available within the system.

The following are examples of our Report Writer Reports, which come standard with our system and are readily available to all users.

  Cover Page
  DC Specifications
  DB Specifications
  Proxy Reports
  Executive Summary
  Plan Totals
  DC Analysis (includes 8 sub reports)
  Investment Direction
  DB Analysis
    Normal Cost Derivation
    Current Liabilities
    412 Full Funding Limit
    404 Full Funding Limit
    412 and 404 Contributions
  Actuarial Certificate
  Amortization Basis
  DB Trust Assets
  DB Employee
    Cost Breakdown
    DB Participant Summary
    Internal Actuarial Data
    FASB 87/132 Internal Actuarial Data
    Individual Aggregate Allocated Assets
  Catch Up Contributions
    Eligible Employees
  Schedule of Active Participants Data
  PBGC Premiums
  Distributions, Confirmed
  Age 70.5 Employees, Detail and Total
  Distribution Summary
  Past Due Payments
  Loan Warnings Report
Participants Certificates
  Standard (contains 19 sub reports)
  • PstdP2
  • PstdP5
  • PstdP6
  • PstdL6
  •   1 Page (contains 5 sub reports)
      Defined Benefit
      Standard with Rate of Return
    Summary of Accounts
      Summary of Accounts, Detail (contains 17 sub reports)
      Summary of Accounts, Totals (contains 14 sub reports)
        Buy Sell
        Buy/Sell Worksheet
      Fee Transactions
        Detail, all transactions
        Detail, confirmed transactions
        Fund Summary - all transactions
        Fund Summary - confirmed transactions
        Totals - all transactions
        Totals - confirmed transactions
      415 Test
      Pin Change Letter
      Pin report
      Web/CSR Census
      Confirmation Letter
    Cafeteria Plan
        Premium Payment Invoice
        FSA Balance Summary
        Savings to the Organization
      Employee Benefit Election by Participant
      Employee Benefit Election by Benefit
      Census Data
        Plan Summary
        Employee Summary
        Employee Detail
        Approved Claims
        Invalid Claims
        Rejection Notice
        Require Additional Information
        Duplicate Claims
        Claim History
        Reenrollment Form
        Forfeiture Notice
      Transactions, Adjustments
        ACH, Pre Note File
    Compliance Reports
      ADP/ACP Reports
      General Non Discrimination Tests - provide at discretion of 3rd floor (new Crystal Version?)
        Who benefits under 410(b)
        Excludables under 410(b)
        Average Benefit Percentage Test
        Non-Discrimination Test under 401 (a) (4)
        Minimum Allocation Gateway Test
        Overall Report
        Rate Group Report
        401(a)(26) Test Summary
        410(b) Coverage Test Summary
        401(a)(4) Non Discrimination Test Summary
        Defined Benefit, Annual and Accrued to Date
      Top Heavy
    Trust Accounting Reports
      Account Activity
      Account Reconciliation
      Balance Sheet
      Cost Analysis, Detail and Summary
      Deposit History/Contribution Analysis
      Gain/Loss on Sale of Investment
      Statement of Change in Financial Position
      Transaction without Offsets
      5500 Preparation Schedules H & I
      Asset Valuation
      Contribution Activity
      Distribution Activity
      Purchase and Sale Activity
      Income Activity
    Standard Reports
    The following reports are available in the system but do not utilze the Crystal Reports Pro system to compile.
      Plan Specifications
      Plan Management Accounts
      Projected Eligibility
      Standard and Custom Enrollment
      Employees at Normal Retirement
      5500 Participant Count
      Census Request
      Census Verification
      Age & Service
      Contribution Investment Direction
      Age Weighted Factors
      Maximum Deductible Contribution
      Distribution Summary
      Terminees with a Residual Balance
      Stock Registration
      Loan, Next Payment Due
      Loan, Payments Due in Date Range
      Loan, History & Summary
      Summary of Accounts, Negative/Small Account Balances
      Trial Balance by Source
      Fund Balance
      Participant Count by Fund
    Standard Query Reports
    Query entire database, plan groups or single plans for information such as:
      Total Balnces by Fund
      Employee Count by Fund
      Employee Count with Balances by plan
      Employee Average Balance per Fund
      Funds with no prices