Relius Documents ASP Features / Modules

Produce your Prototype Adoption Agreement Supporting Forms Packages or Individually Designed /Volume Submitter Plans, along with all the Supporting Forms, anywhere that you have access to the Internet! Whether you need numerous documents or just the occasional one, you get it all through one system. And, you get the same expertise and accuracy that you've come to expect, with the same experienced support and consulting staff backing you up!

Only now…

    WE HOST THE SOFTWARE APPLICATION so there's less for you to worry about!

No more:

  • Maintaining language updates
  • Software ownership responsibilities
  • Initial hardware expenses
  • Future hardware upgrades
  • Loading major software applications
  • Significant software learning curves

You just answer the questions (your answers are validated as you enter them!) via the Internet and submit your checklist . . . you're done! Within minutes, you'll get:

  • Employer Customized Plan (Individually Designed /Volume Submitter) or Adoption Agreement (Prototypes)
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Administrative and IRS Submission Forms

Your completed document package is posted to our FTP site or returned to you via e-mail in either a PDF (can't be modified), Microsoft Word (can be modified) file format, or both.

You can designate a Project Administrator, to set up users and passwords, assign rights to other users, enable and disable users, predefine user capabilities, and more.

Retirement Plan Document preparation has never been easier!


Multi-Doc Processing
Batch build or validate any number of plan document packages at one time. This module also allows you to quickly identify all plans that require an annual notice such as Safe Harbor, EACA, QACA, SIMPLE or QDIA and generate a customized annual notice package for each of the plans in the batch. Couple this module with the Reporting feature and you can batch process documents based on the results of the queries you create.

Data Import & Export
Export your project data in an xml format to Relius Administration or Government Forms, as well as to other systems that use xml. Conversely, you can import xml data from other systems in order to set up new plans or update the specifications of existing plans.

Reporting Module
Run reports across all your plans for ANY provisions that you select in your checklist across multiple plans at once. Simply select the checklist or Adoption Agreement provisions you want to report on and within seconds the system will produce an output that can be viewed and saved as a Microsoft® Excel or PDF file. Further refine your query results with advanced filtering options and save your queries for future use.

Amendment Processing Module
Create Regulatory Amendment documents for multiple plans at one time and update each amended plan’s checklist with new provisional elections in an automated fashion. For Employer Requested Amendments, recent enhancements to this module allow you to modify any checklist response and produce an amendment document package containing an Amendment, SMM, Adopting Resolution, and cover letter along with the option of producing a new SPD, AA or any other supporting forms. This feature also allows you to track amendment statuses and update plan checklists with the changes made via an amendment in an automated fashion based on the assignment of a certain status or effective date as specified by user preferences.

Relius Connect for Documents
Perform many of the basic functions of Relius Documents ASP without ever logging into the system. Through the use of the web services contained within this module, you can cut down on redundant data entry by automating the flow of information that is shared between Relius Documents and many of your other applications. This module also opens up a wide range of possibilities for creating your own custom document generation applications to suit many different business needs.

Relius Documents PC Files
Moving from Relius Documents PC to Relius Documents ASP? We can even assist you in moving your checklist files from your PC database over to the ASP system. Contact your sales representative for more details.

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