Relius Documents ASP Features / Modules

Produce your Self-Funded, Administrative Services Agreement (ASA), or Cafeteria plans anywhere that you have access to the Internet! You’ll get the same expertise and accuracy that you've come to expect, with the same experienced support and consulting staff backing you up!

Only now...

WE HOST THE SOFTWARE APPLICATION so there's less for you to worry about!

No more:
  • Maintaining language updates
  • Software ownership responsibilities Initial hardware expenses Future hardware upgrades
  • Loading major software applications
  • Significant software learning curves

You just answer the questions (your answers are validated as you enter them!) via the Internet, hit submit . . . you're done! Within minutes, you'll get your Plan Document and Summary Plan Description.

Your completed document package is posted to our FTP site or returned to you via e-mail in either a PDF (can't be modified), Microsoft® Word (can be modified) file format, or both.

You can designate a Project Administrator to set up users and passwords, assign rights to other users, enable and disable users, predefine user capabilities, and more.

Plan Document preparation has never been easier!


NEW High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
Available in our Self-Funded plans – just check the appropriate questions as you complete our checklist using any of our services or systems.

Plus, you can combine an HDHP with a Health Savings Account (HSA) - providing your clients traditional medical coverage and a tax-free way to build savings for future medical expenses.

Short Amendment Module
Now you can amend your plan by simply answering a few questions, the system does the rest! For Self-Funded plans, create a cover letter, plan amendment, and Summary of Material Modifications (SMM). For Cafeteria plans, generate a SunGard-Designed or a Self-Designed Amendment. Plus, the amendment links back to your original plan, making it quick and easy to identify which plans have been modified!

Data Push
Link your Relius Documents data to other Relius products through Data Push. You can export or "push" your project data in an XML format to Relius Administration or Government Forms, as well as to other systems that use XML. The transferred data can then be posted to the FTP site of your choice in a .zip or .exe compressed file.

Reporting Module – Recently Enhanced
Run reports on ANY provisions that you select in your checklist. Just specify the date and the document. Select the checklist or Adoption Agreement provisions you want to query, hit submit, you’re done! Your report is available within minutes for viewing and exporting in a Microsoft® Excel, CSV, or XML file format. Plus, the report query is saved for you to modify or run again at a later date.

Relius Documents PC Files
Moving from Relius Documents PC to Relius Documents ASP? Let us assist you in moving your checklist files from your PC database over to the ASP system. Contact your sales representative for more details.

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