Participant Web Module (Participant Inquiry/Processing Via The Internet)

This module gives your plan participants access to their accounts to perform transactions quickly and easily via the Internet. The user interface is fully customizable to allow you to make Relius Administration Participant Web look identical to your corporate site.

Based on the plan parameters you have established, a Participant can perform some or all of the following:

  • view account balances by fund and money source
  • view vested and total account balance and outstanding loan balance
  • view pending trades
  • view and sort all posted activity by date range within the current plan year and by activity type
  • change their personal identification number
  • review and change both pre and post tax participant deferral contributions
  • review and change allocations for future contributions
  • review existing loans, model or request a new loan
  • initiate fund to fund transfers
  • re-align existing investment account balances to match current allocation
  • re-align existing account balances to a target mix/percentage different than current allocation
  • request a hardship withdrawal from deferrals only
  • request a hardship withdrawal from all money sources
  • request an in-service distribution of your account
  • view general information posted by your firm

All of the above functions can be turned on/off on a plan-by-plan basis. You can custom tailor the Internet services you provide to each client. And best of all, any participant initiated changes are automatically and electronically entered into Relius Administration. You can easily view all requests for all participants in one spot. With a single global function, all participant requests can be moved in batch to the posting (transaction) process to be processed along with all your daily workflow to generate buys and sells. You have total control over every participant request should you want to suppress certain requests (e.g., loan or hardship distributions) for processing at a later date.