Interactive Voice Response System

Relius Administration's Voice Response System offers you a fully automated integrated solution for firms providing full daily recordkeeping services.

Efficiently accommodate participant queries about their account values, their requests to change investment options and deferral amounts, to request a loan and check loan balances, or simply to change their Personal Identification Number. Eliminate hours of manual entry with a voice response unit (VRU) from Edify. Relius Administration's Voice Response System add the services the market demands without adding additional burdensome manual work.

The voice system gives you:
All control of the VRU performed from within the Relius Administration system. Setup of the VRU for a new plan and any modifications for existing plans is simple, and requires no extra waiting or cost. There isn't any need to be an expert on another software system.

Minimal maintenance. Periodic hard disk backups, and updating your Voice Clips to the database when your options change are all you need to do.

Customizable menu format. You pre-set the options on a per plan basis. For example, Plan A may allow a participant to request a loan, whereas Plan B may not. Or, for each plan, you can decide how many business days are allowable for a change to be initiated, the service/transaction fees, who gets billed, and more.