NEW - Relius Administration's Revenue Manager

Do the plans that you process use the revenue sharing received from the plan assets to offset the administrative fees you charge? Are your Plan Administrators charged with monitoring these expected credits, which are often calculated based on a complex set of variables that can change from fund to fund?

Revenue Manager, a new add-on module for Relius Administration, allows you to enter the revenue sharing formulas for each investment and/or account. A ledger system allows you to track the payables and receivables per plan and investment, and batch transactions can be run to compute and insert receivable entries for each account based on the formulas established at the trade agent/fund or account level.

As payments are received, you can make entries into the ledger using the report that accompanies each check or ACH payment received from your trading partner/mutual fund company. Reconciliation reports can then be run to determine whether the applied payment matches the anticipated revenue for the account. Any differences can be written off to balance the account. You may also opt to allow your plan sponsors to view the formulas and the resulting data through Plan Sponsor Web, so they may see the payments posted to the plan.

Given the difficult and time consuming processes to ensure that the proper fees are being remitted to your organization, not to mention the amount of money at stake, wouldn't you like to be able to reconcile the payments received, and determine if the plan has been paid the revenue it is entitled?

For more information on Revenue Manager, or to view a demo, call us at (800) 326-7235, ext. 1100.