Straight-Through Processing Module

Automation of your back office has arrived. In the defined contribution environment many, if not most, tasks are deterministic and repetitive. It is these tasks or jobs that carry the majority of the workload and consume the majority of resources. They easily lend themselves to the development of "standard" workflow routines - now automated by the module, Relius Administration straight-through processing (STP).

Leveraging Technology
Again, FIS Business Systems leads the market by leveraging technology and enabling clients to migrate from a human interface to a scheduled, unattended processing environment. And, Relius Administration STP can be easily customized to automate a significant percentage of your administrative and recordkeeping processes.

We combine our resources -- Relius Administration, STP and consultants who work shoulder-to-shoulder with your staff to develop workflow routines to streamline your operations. The end result - accommodate significant growth without adding any full time employees.

Optimize and Prioritize
The STP environment enables you to optimize and prioritize the systems' use of resources. It can be scheduled to

  • receive and process participant requests
  • perform routine reporting tasks during non-peak hours
  • process requests at a specified time each day
  • periodically check for census input and new data input
  • completely automate over 90 system functions and tasks
  • automate interaction to other third party software applications

The STP Job Queue notifies you that work has been accomplished or that there is an exception that requires further attention before the next step. Highlight the particular job and a simple click of a button presents the output or exception report.

Retirement plan service providers must make information available on an "ad-hoc" basis and must competitively service these additional requests with a sense of immediacy. This "high touch" service is where your staff is best utilized. As a result, the retirement plan environment is ideally suited for automation of the many repetitive and readily anticipated tasks.

High ROI
STP technology can be implemented one step at a time - as you need it. There is no need to automate every task on an office-wide basis initially. Instead, each process can be individually evaluated, automated and justified based on strong 'Return-On-Investment' criteria before expanding to other tasks or functions. You can confidently move forward in your automation program with pre-validated ROI available to you at each step in your implementation plan.


  1. Automate daily procedures for data input such as payroll and demographic changes.
  2. Automated hands-off processing for all recurring procedures for daily valued plans (price and order reply imports, reconciliation and activity processing).
  3. Automated hands-off periodic procedures for traditional plan processing.
  4. Exception management reporting to automatically alert you of failed data/processes.
  5. Control automation processes on a plan-by-plan basis, by plan types or groups, or globally across ALL plans.
  6. Generate internal audit/management and all client reports on a scheduled basis.
  7. Direct output to various systems including, but not limited to, Relius Plan Sponsor Web.
  8. Dramatically reduce your service delivery costs - STP will provide your firm the greatest efficiency gain in years.
  9. Effectively manage a significantly higher number of plans per full-time employee ¾ grow your business without the strain of added labor costs.
  10. Process repetitive tasks without human intervention - not a hand on a keyboard or mouse.

Streamline your workflow processes. Eliminate redundancy. Increase your return on investment. Automate with the Relius Administration straight-through processing module! Call 800-326-7235, ext. 1100 for more information.