Plan Sponsor Web featuring the Data Validation Center

The Relius Administration Plan Sponsor Web Module is equipped with features that automate processes for employers and providers. The system offers an unlimited number of authorized users per plan and security can be set plan-by-plan to allow view only or full access.

With Plan Sponsor Web, employers and providers have the ability to:

  • select plans to transfer payroll files
  • submit payroll data files online
  • send new enrollment data
  • view plan financial totals by investment and source
  • additionally, view plan financial totals by individual account (source and fund) which even shows number of participants with a positive account balance in each account
  • view employee count by participation category
  • post any type of Relius reports or any other documents for employers to download, view, or print
  • link (using SSN) to participant information with all the same options and data available as in the Relius Administration Participant Web Module
  • using the above feature, an employer assigned with full access rights (vs. view-only) can make changes on behalf of a participant (e.g., new allocation %, request transfer, loan, or withdrawal)

Just like the Relius Administration Participant Web, all data updates or activity is electronically entered in Relius Administration and can be batch processed as part of your daily workflow.

Whether you operate a traditional balance forward consulting and administration firm or provide full daily recordkeeping services, Plan Sponsor Web will revolutionize your client/vendor relationship by more tightly integrating the relationship between the plan sponsor and your firm, while lowering operating costs for both.

Advisor Portal
Financial advisors and money managers are constantly re-evaluating their investment strategies. Every change they make requires time-consuming work on your part. The Advisor Portal feature of Relius Administration Plan Sponsor Web will allow your brokers or financial advisors direct plan access or even participant level access to change portfolio model allocations, update participant investment election data and initiate the corresponding trades. You control the access rights plan-by-plan and broker-by-broker.

Future enhancements to the Advisor Portal will include a global list of all terminated participants, or participants nearing retirement, in all plans related to the advisor. At a quick glance the advisor can identify rollover opportunities helping the advisor retain assets under management. Plan Sponsor Web with the Advisor Portal makes your firm more "advisor friendly" ensuring your referral channels continue to push business to your firm.

Not only does the Advisor Portal help your firm grow, it actually reduces or eliminates your staff labor associated with advisor initiated activity. See how this and other Plan Sponsor Web features tie into our world of Straight-Through Processing.

Data Validation Center
We've taken the groan out of your work. No more manually correcting errors after data is uploaded, no more processing delays due to the lack of information. Those days can be over.

The Plan Sponsor Web module's Data Validation Center (DVC) collects the demographic and payroll files from your client, and validates the data. If incorrect, it's returned to your client for changes. This cycle continues until the data is accurate. Then, the accurate data (and only the accurate data) is uploaded to Plan Sponsor Web.

Whether submitted weekly, monthly or quarterly - you can be sure the files are always complete, and the data is always clean.