FIS Relius 125 solution is an administration system for cafeteria plans built on the Relius platform. It is available either as a standalone system that can adapt to your current work environment or as an add-on module to Relius Administration. If you use Relius Administration for your retirement plans, adding Relius 125 helps to create a fully integrated benefits solution for your business that is capable of sharing employer, employee and payroll information across systems.

Relius 125 can help you manage more clients, increase profits, and steadily compete in the cafeteria plan business. Here are some highlights that help separate Relius 125 from the competition:

  • Provides full participant and plan sponsor Web interfaces that include online enrollment, claims entry and real-time balance inquiry
  • Delivers a proven HSA solution that combines participant directed investment options with full claims processing functionality
  • Supports complex plan designs, including deductibles and co-insurance, via its HRA functionality
  • Executes global processing functions, such as debit card processing and check and ACH generation, using its scheduler
  • Allows you to reconcile cash balances on a daily basis between Relius 125 and the custodian via the system’s cash reconciliation module

The benefit and reimbursement options in Relius 125 are:

  • FSA (flexible spending accounts), dependent care and health
  • HSA (health savings accounts)
  • HRA (health reimbursement arrangements)
  • §132 Plans (transit/parking benefits)
  • Premium conversion benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Offers claims processing by plan or globally across all plans
  • Delivers an integrated debit card solution to help minimize adjudication
  • Provides grace period processing
  • Delivers full check-writing and direct deposit capability
  • Offers dozens of customizable reports
  • Gives you the ability to e-mail participant statements, claim denial letters, direct deposit advices and more
  • Includes comprehensive compliance testing
  • Helps streamline processing and reduce paperwork and reimbursement delays
  • Supports Medicare Secondary Payer reporting requirements

Offering a debit card solution can help you increase participation rates, improve customer satisfaction and add to your bottom line. With the Relius 125 Debit Card Interface, participants use a debit card to pay for qualified expenses, helping reduce paperwork and reimbursement delays. The Relius 125 Debit Card Interface technology debits the appropriate account, checks real-time balances and helps prevent inappropriate use. At your request, data is transferred between the two systems, and can be updated as often as desired.

For more information about Relius 125, call 1-800-326-7235, option 5.