Relius Administration In-House PC Application

Available for firms who wish to purchase and maintain the hardware and infrastructure to operate an in-house infrastructure PC based system for Balance Forward and/or Daily processing. The Relius Administration system for Balance Forward DC/401(k)/DB processing is supported on both a standalone desktop PC and/or a LAN/Oracle platform. The network/Oracle version option requires a Windows 2000 dedicated database server. The Relius Administration Daily System must be installed in a network/Oracle environment.

To meet the needs of our diverse client base, Relius Administration is packaged in three levels. Below is a description of each level and specific features that make it distinctive from the previous level(s):

This level is our introductory level and is geared to the needs of firms that provide services for basic plan types or those who are just starting to offer retirement plan administration. Plan types and features included:

  • 401(k), Profit Sharing, Age-Weighted, Money Purchase and Cross-Tested
  • ADP/ACP Testing
  • 70½ Calculations and Notices
  • General Non-discrimination Testing
  • Manual Data Entry Routines
  • Census and Payroll Import/Export
  • Professional Contact Management
  • Standard Reports
  • Batch Reporting
  • Data Link with Relius Government Forms, Relius Proposal and Relius Documents

This level generally suits established pension providers with a broad spectrum of plan types who need as much automation as possible. Plan types and features included:

  • Base, plus:
  • Data Collection Module
  • Crystal Report Writer
  • Transaction Import/Export
  • Participant Loans
  • Insurance Module
  • Fee Module
  • Target Benefit

This is our most comprehensive level. Firms with a vast array of plan types and the need for features that accommodate daily recordkeeping will find that this level will meet their needs. Plan types and features included:

  • Preferred, plus:
  • Financial Institution Trading Links and Annuity Provider Links
  • Investment Download
  • Multi-Plan Processing
  • Administrative Workflow System
  • Portfolio Modeling and Rebalancing
  • Unattended Batch Reporting
  • Daily Fund Unit/Position Reconciliation

Supported PC hardware platforms include: HP, Compaq, IBM & Dell. With the standalone PC version option, both the program and data files reside on the hard drive running Personal Oracle as the database engine. The Relius Administration network version option requires a Windows dedicated database server. With the Network version, the program file resides on the local PC hard drive, and the data files will reside on a Windows dedicated database server with a runtime version of the Oracle network license.

Before making any hardware purchase decision, please select “System Requirements” for a complete description of supported Relius Administration hardware systems.