New Investment Option – ProNvest

A new advice and investment management solution for your plan sponsors and their plan participants.

ProNvest offers money management services, specifically helping plan participants manage and grow their assets in retirement plans such as 401(k), 403(b), 457, IRA, and more. This solution provides education tools, online investment advice and investment counselors available by phone all at NO COST to you, your plan sponsors or their participants.

ProNvest's strategy is to make participants aware of a need to plan and actively manage their retirement assets. It combines a simple planning process with the availability of retirement planners and counselors, focused on helping plan participants understand how four key variables they control (saving more, spending less, working longer, investing different), can impact the participant's ability to create the wealth and income that will eventually determine the quality of life they enjoy in retirement. Participants also have the option to hire ProNvest as their personal and professional retirement asset manager.

And, you and your clients can further benefit from ProNvest by creating paperless online rollovers and other financial transactions. Current, new and former employees can roll their orphaned retirment plans into a managed IRA, thereby relieving plan sponsors of the fiduciary responsibilities and helping you retain more and gain new assets, and provide professional money management services to participants on any or all of their assets.

ProNvest Advice and Management Solution is accessible through Relius Administration Participant Web. For more information, contact ProNvest at (866)738-5128 or