Relius Administration ASP

Expect More With a Whole Lot Less!

Relius Administration ASP is the same Relius system you use today! However, now you get the system of choice for balance-forward and daily-valued plans, compliance testing, trust accounting, government forms reporting, mutual fund trading and client management all via the Internet.

With Relius Administration ASP, SunGard hosts and maintains all the equipment and technology. The system is maintained by the experts, and always updated for the latest version, so your data and systems are always in top running order. Other key benefits of Relius Administration ASP include:

  • You only need a PC operating Windows 2000 or XP, a printer and a dedicated high-speed Internet connection.
  • Eliminate all of the technology overhead, expense, and headaches and eliminate hardware maintenance and IT infrastructure requirements.
  • The business recovery services are provided by SunGard Availability Services - the world leader in business continuity and recovery services.
  • Runs 24/7 (less scheduled maintenance times). No downtime for upgrades.
  • Each client database is segregated for maximum security and there is no limit to the number of plans or lives that can be maintained.
  • Your staff can process plans as easily from home as in the office.
  • You pick the level of service your firm needs.
  • There is no large upfront license fee for Relius ASP.
  • Your Relius ASP fee is based on a monthly minimum fee or the number of participants and non-active employees maintained on the system - pay as you grow.

From the largest to the smallest pension administration firm, Relius Administration ASP is the option for anyone who plans to prosper in today's increasingly competitive retirement plan marketplace.

Available with Balance Forward or Daily plan access, here are the options:

Balance Forward
This is the first level of availability in ASP. Containing all the necessary modules to perform traditional plan administration and more, Relius ASP for Balance Forward contains the following features:

  • 401(k), Profit Sharing, Age-Weighted, Money Purchase and Cross-Tested
  • ADP/ACP Testing
  • 70½ Calculations and Notices
  • General Non-discrimination Testing
  • Manual Data Entry Routines
  • Census and Payroll Import/Export
  • Professional Contact Management
  • Standard Reports
  • Batch Reporting
  • Data Link with Relius Government Forms, and Relius Documents
  • Data Collection Module
  • Crystal Report Writer
  • Transaction Import/Export
  • Participant Loans
  • Insurance Module
  • Fee Module
  • Target Benefit
  • Financial Institution Trading Links and Annuity Provider Links
  • Trust Accounting

Whether you are just performing testing or tracking investments in plans as well, this level of the system gives you all you need.

Balance Forward with Plan Sponsor Web
To make plan level information accessible to the plan sponsor, Plan Sponsor Web can be added to the above to round out level of service you can provide to your clients in this environment.

If daily valuation is a must in your marketplace, take into consideration this level of Relius ASP with the following additional capabilities from Balance Forward shown above, adding features for daily processing:

If your clients require a Voice Response Unit, that too can be added to the Daily environment. With a Relius Daily system you have all the functionality you need to run the shop.

Developed in 2002 as a toll to enhance automation for one of our clients, Straight-Through-Processing has become the mainstay for Daily shops across the country who are building their business and want to be able to utilize economies of scale to operate more efficiently. Using the “Agent Manager”, or as well call it, the perfect employee, tasks that are traditionally done manually by staff can be scheduled to be performed automatically. Tasks are completed when you want them done, on the days you want to process and in combination with other items that are related if preferred.

Let us show you our new Relius Administration ASP solution, and learn how it can help your business. For more information, call (800) 326-7235, ext. 1100.