1099 Outsourcing Service

With Relius Government Forms, we can electronically file your 1099 forms, as well as stuff and mail recipient copies with the click of a button. Our 1099 Outsourcing service will relieve you of the burden involved with processing and filing the 1099s.

What our customers say ...
“The 1099/W-2 Outsourcing Service has been a "Win, "Win, Win" situation for both our company and our clients. The outsourcing program itself is easy to set up and use. The error checks contained in the program provides an additional and valuable review of the data. It has replaced what had been a cumbersome, time consuming, and internally costly process with a system that is easy, fast, and saves us money. For our clients, it has eliminated the administrative headache of mailing forms to former employees and the government. It is a complete "No Brainer" solution to handling the entire 1099/W-2 process.”

Cheryl M. Holben,
Qualified Plan Consultants

How does it work?
Input your data to Relius Government Forms 1099/W-2. When you are ready to file, you transmit the data via the Internet to a secured Web site where we:

  • File required Federal copies *
  • Print and mail all recipient copies
  • Give you the ability to review the status of your forms.
    * Form 945 filing is the responsibility of the filer (requires signature and deposit data). Payer copies (including Copy D) can be outsourced through FIS Relius Government Forms per recipient/per copy, and will be shipped to the payer in bulk within 10 business days of receipt (outsourcing charges apply).

The Outsourcing service transmits your data to the IRS electronically. When filing electronically, a Form 1096 is not used so there is no need for a signature.

IMPORTANT: All files must be submitted via outsourcing by 12:00 PM EST on January 31st to ensure recipient mailings are postmarked January 31st.

The outsourcing service is available through August 15th.

What are the benefits?
You no longer have the burden of:
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Producing and printing recipient copies
  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Mailing copies
  • Filing directly with the IRS
Best of all
Affordably priced and conveniently configured within the application, you can’t pass on the opportunity to take advantage of this service. Free up your valuable resources during one of the busiest times of the year.

For more information about the 1099 Outsourcing Service, please contact your sales representative. You can find your sales representative and contact information here.