Relius® Recovery Services for Relius Administration

Whether it’s threats of a natural disaster, power or equipment failures, or the inability to access your facilities, business disruptions vary from mundane hardware failures to headline news events. You can’t afford to ignore these possibilities. Do you have a plan in place to minimize or eliminate your business’s down time in the event of disaster?

Leverage Your #1 Business Partner for Your Business Continuity and Recovery Services.
Most clients’ derive as much as 50%, 80% or even 90% of their total revenue from Relius Administration processing. How long can your business survive without processing any work?

Relius Recovery Services ensures that your data is always available to you!
Establish and maintain a cost effective business continuity solution that protects the integrity of your data in a predicted or unpredictable crisis – Relius Recovery Services. This new service uses the Relius Administration ASP infrastructure to offer a complete disaster recovery solution for your Relius Administration operations, including options for:

  • Balance Forward plan administration
  • Daily Recordkeeping with Voice Response
  • Daily Recordkeeping without Voice Response

To use Relius Recovery Services, all you need to do is electronically submit a daily database export via a secure site to us – we store your backups at a secure off-site location. As a new subscriber to Relius Recovery Services, we will perform a pre-scheduled annual disaster recovery validation test for you. This mock disaster recovery exercise ensures we can restore all your data from stored exports. Plus, you get to see how it works and can use the experience to shape your internal disaster procedures. Should you experience an unplanned event, we’re both ready.

When a real crisis occurs, Relius Recovery Services has your business up and running within 24 hours of declaration by:

  1. Preparing Relius Administration ASP services for you and your "named users"
  2. Establishing client user access to Relius Administration ASP
  3. Recovering your data from prior day’s database export
  4. Notifying you that Relius Administration ASP is available for use
  5. Giving you 24/7 access to Relius Administration ASP for the duration of the disaster
  6. Providing a complete database export at conclusion of recovery for you to reinstall no lost days of work or production.

Relius Recovery Services includes all the features and functionality of your current installed Relius system - we match your system! In the event of a crisis, you can rely on our expertise for Oracle staging, Relius software installation, Web setup including Participant & Plan Sponsor Web, VRU setup and more.

Best of all, there is no capital investment in hardware or physical facilities. If an unplanned event occurs, you or your employees can work from any location with a high speed internet connection - reducing your potential downtime due to hardware staging and software installation. No other recovery service can restore your business as easily, quickly or with as few resources on your end.

We understand how hard you work to win and retain your clients and how costly a prolonged disruption can be to your business. Relius Recovery Services is the insurance policy that protects your business in these uncertain times.

For more information, for pricing, and to order, call Relius Sales at (800) 326-7235, extension 1100.