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401(k) Plan Workshop (1-day program)
Portland, OR - 5/24/2012 - 5/24/2012

Course Materials
To make course materials a better reference and research tool for SunGard's customers, program materials are now available to attendees in electronic format, providing several advantages for registrants:
  • Find information faster by searching the electronic files using keywords.
  • Store the electronic files on your PC – you always know where they are.
  • Two slides per page format, for easier reading.
Registrants should plan to bring the materials with them to the program - either hard copy or loaded into a laptop or tablet computer. Registrants are strongly encouraged to print and/or download the program materials prior to arriving at the seminar, as hotel business center printers and computer usage tend to be expensive.

IMPORTANT: To download the materials, registrants are required to enter the 5-digit RegID number and registrant's last name as shown in the registration confirmation email. Materials are available 7-10 days before the program. Complete details are provided in the registration confirmation email.

Alert: Firewall software may interfere with the downloading process. If you experience download problems, please contact your IT department or network administrator for assistance.

If you have questions related to this program or your registration, please email the Educational Services team at