Relius User Groups

FIS supports regional Relius User Groups across the country. These groups provide Relius clients with a forum to discuss pension issues and to conduct local training. The purpose of the Relius User Groups is to provide a forum where members can:

  • exchange information about the optimum use of Relius in a non-competitive environment
  • provide and receive training on the Relius System
  • provide and receive training and up-to-date information on pension administration, legal issues and technical issues
  • provide users a way to stay abreast of the FIS Relius strategic direction and future product plans
Central Western States Burnsville, MN Apr 18, 2019
Daily Las Vegas, NV Nov 10 - 12, 2019
Great Lakes Webinar May 13 - 15, 2019
Mid-Atlantic Newark, NJ Jun 14, 2018
Midwest Indianapolis, IN May 3, 2019
New England Springfield, MA Nov 7, 2018
Relius Technology Online Meeting Jan 17, 2019
Western PA Cranberry Township, PA May 16, 2019
(***) Meeting date is tentative.