Account Census History & Updates

Duration: 60 Min.

Every qualified plan is defined by the plan year. In a perfect world, we would complete all of the work in a plan year, produce all of the needed reports, roll it forward to the next year, continue processing and never have to look back. But that may not always happen. Fortunately, Relius has two functions designed to bring corrected or updated information into the current plan year. And while most of our processing works with current status, service, eligibility and such, prior history can still be important. Where a person comes from and how they got to this point can have an impact on their current status. As time goes by, things change. Relius Administration not only allows us to keep track of these changes, it requires it in some cases and also sets some restrictions. And that’s a good thing, for it makes us record this history in logical and chronological order.

In this session, we will:

  • work with Account Balance Update
  • utilize Census Update 
  • show the impact on the current year
  • discuss which census fields are part of a participant’s history
  • examine how census history is maintained and updated
  • discuss importing and exporting census history detail
  • handle already posted transactions in the current year

Event Details