Reporting Options in Relius Administration

Duration: 60 Min.

We generate the results of our work in Relius by using reports. Relius Administration has over 700 different reports that will show our results in different ways. And these are just the beginning—then there are the ones we can create. The ReportWriter reports can be modified using Crystal, and even standard reports have some choices. We can export the results, print the reports, send them to the web, e-mail them and even combine several into one file or process a batch. We can choose our own defaults and even choose what data to include in a report. Our results are still the same—but the ways we present them can be many and varied. It’s our choice.

In this session, we will:

  • select different reports and set default choices
  • select different reporting options
  • add new reports to the existing menus
  • create a library of custom reports
  • use available standard report options
  • produce reports in various formats
  • use Batch Reporting

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