Crystal Sub-Reports

Duration: 60 Min.

There are many occasions when we might want to produce more than one type of report to show a different look at related information, or we might want to simply produce unrelated reports at one time for the same client. While we could just generate several reports, we could also put these reports together. Crystal uses sub-reports to connect different reports that can greatly enhance the information we provide to clients, participants and colleagues. A series of reports generated in this way can produce even more powerful and interesting results.

In this session, we will:

  • create sub-reports
  • link the sub-report to the main report
  • embed & hide sub-reports
  • use multiple sub-reports
  • add sections to the main report
  • use an existing report as a sub-report
  • move a sub-report to another main report
  • set page breaks, adjust totals, etc.

Event Details