Crystal Tables, Fields & Links

Duration: 60 Min.

There are so many of them that a listing is over 400 pages long. But they are the building blocks of any report that we produce in Crystal. Relius Administration has more than 10,000 data fields organized into close to 300 separate tables. It’s these fields that we insert into the design. These are then grouped, summarized, used in formulas, etc. to produce our results. The table structure allows Relius to efficiently organize, store and update things as they are built around similar data types and processes. Links are used to connect the tables when we are constructing a report so that we can gather information on different things.

In this session, we will:

  • review logon & database connection procedures
  • demonstrate table selection
  • define the key identifier fields
  • demonstrate linking and linking rules
  • show how to insert database fields
  • show how to create groups and summaries
  • discuss available additional resources

Event Details