Duration: 60 Min.

Administrators & plan sponsors might wish to serve their participants in a different way than direct contact or the participant web. They might set up a “call center” within the office, or engage a 3rd party to provide this service. But these people need access to the information in Relius if they are going to provide the help. Of course having access to information would mean having access to Relius Administration, and that might not be something that an administrator would want to do. This is where the Customer Service Representative Application comes in. The CSR module is a great way to have a call center without giving access to Relius Administration. It’s a separately licensed module and it exists separate from Relius Administration. But it will interface directly with the Relius Administration Database.

In this session, we will:
  • enable the CSR and set up a profile for its use
  • log into the CSR module as a call center representative
  • review and modify participant information
  • examine investment information that can be provided to participants
  • use the CSR to process transfer, loan & other requests
  • review transaction history
  • assist participants with other website features

Event Details