Computed Compensation & Allocation Requirements

Duration: 60 Min.

Before any contribution can be allocated or tested, a basis must be determined. In Relius Administration, this is done by computing compensation and by determining if participants have met any allocation requirements. In the plan, compensation may be defined in different ways for different purposes. There could be a definition for employer allocations, match allocations, compliance testing, ideal salary calculations, and others. There could also be requirements or restrictions on who receives a contribution or shares in an allocation. Eligibility applies these definitions to the information entered in census and computes what amounts will be used as the basis for allocations and determines if the participant has met any necessary requirements. In this session, we will:
  • understand the compensation definitions, limits and entry options
  • understand how allocations requirements are defined and entered
  • demonstrate how compensation is computed
  • discuss how and why to compute compensation prior to participation
  • examine the relationship between payroll and computed compensation
  • determine how often to process eligibility
  • process contribution transactions using these computed results

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