Hardship (et al.) Distributions

Duration: 60 Min.

Qualified plans may allow participants to take distributions in certain circumstances other than when they terminate employment. These can include Hardships, In-Service distributions, Recurring or scheduled distributions and others. Some of these such as 59 ½ distributions and Required Minimum Distributions can be required by the code. Others may be options allowed by the plan document. Relius Administration allows you to set up any of these needed options so that you can easily process these distributions. We’ll look at all of these distribution types and examine what needs to be done in Relius to properly process these transactions.

Learning Objectives:

 In this session, we will:

** show how to set up distribution options in plan specs
 ** assign these options to participants and determine amounts available for distributions
 ** compute & process hardship distributions
 ** compute & process in-service distributions
 ** compute & process recurring distributions
 ** perform the 70-½ (RMD) distribution calculation
 ** demonstrate how to de-activate distribution options that are no longer available

Event Details