Understanding Receivables

Duration: 60 Min.

It is early in the new plan year, the Plan sponsor tells you they are going to make a profit sharing contribution for the prior plan year but the actual deposit to the investments may not be made for months. What method do you take to acknowledge the contribution in the year for which it is intended? In this session we explore the use of the receivable transaction. This allows you to allocate the contribution to the participants based on the Plan Year for which it is intended without placing undo expectations in participants’ account balances. Since the contribution is acknowledged as being receivable, no market appreciation or income accumulation is implied to the recipients. We will follow the contribution from set-up to the actual deposit.

Who Should Attend: Intermediate Users of Relius Administration

Learning objectives:

  • Setting up the Compensation definition screen to include the appropriate components in the Allocation Computation.
  • Coding the Plan Specifications Account Definitions to assure the appropriate repository for the receivable contribution.
  • Determining the proper choices in the contribution transaction.
  • Reviewing the account balances of the Participants.
  • Preparing the proper transfer transaction to move the contribution from the receivable accounts to the correct investments.
  • Reviewing the reports showing the processes above.

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