Takeover Plans

Duration: 60 Min.

A takeover plan is one in which another administrator or system has been processing up until now. Setting up this plan in Relius Administration means entering data and history that will used as the starting point for future processing. This data can represent not only results for prior years, but also results of processing during the current plan year.

Join us on-line for a discussion of takeover plan concerns and a demonstration of how history and current year activity is entered and processed in Relius Administration.

Who should attend: Beginning to Intermediate users

Prerequisites: To get the most out of this session, learners should be familiar with the basics of the Relius Administration system.

Learning objectives:

  • Creating a takeover plan
  • Entering a plan's historical information
  • Importing (or manually entering) data for employees and participants
  • Posting a takeover transaction
  • Computing beginning balances

  • Event Details