Termination Distributions

Duration: 60 Min.

When a participant terminates and requests a distribution, things can go beyond the transaction itself. As we continue our look at terminations and distributions, we’ll review the termination process and explore what can be involved after a participant takes a distribution. We'll also look at the plan-level as well as census-level information that can be used to process the distribution itself as well as perform further processing. We'll consider the creation of Form 1099 records, look at the calculations that can help create payment records and show how all of these can be updated and exported to Relius Government Forms or other third-party applications.

Who should attend: Experienced users

Prerequisites To get the most out of this session, learners should be familiar with termination-related concepts and the methods defined by plan documents.

Learning objectives:

In this session, we will:

** understand the factors that influence distribution calculations and processing
** demonstrate what records are created when a distribution is posted
** learn how to update these records beyond the distribution posting
** prepare Form 1099 and other payment records for export
** process reports to show the relevant distribution data and results.


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