Processing Loan Payments

Duration: 60 Min.


We would hope that loan payments would be made when they should, and for the amounts required by the terms of the note and the amortization schedule. But this doesn’t always happen. Fortunately, Relius Administration has the tools to process loan payments in just about whatever form they might occur. Whether the payment is a bit short, the participant pays extra, the payment is completely missed or we find that we need to go back into the loan history to make a correction or adjustment to a prior payment, Relius can handle it. It has the tools to do what needs to be done with the loan, and this session will show all of them. And along the way we’ll look at some reports that will help you keep on top of these situations, and that show what was processed.

In this session, we will:
  • process expected loan payments
  • process exception payments
  • process default payments
  • adjust prior and future payments
  • view available loan payment reports

Event Details