Eligibility By Source

Duration: 60 Min.


All plans have initial requirements, including age, service, hours and entry dates for new participants. Many plans have stricter requirements such as additional age, service or hours that a person must meet before becoming eligible for certain contributions. In Relius Administration, these stricter requirements are associated with individual sources or money types. In this part of the eligibility process, we’ll look at how to set up initial entry requirements with a source definition and how they may affect eligibility, participation and then allocations. It’s all part of managing "dual" or source eligibility.

In this session, we will:
  • define source level specifications
  • demonstrate how initial source level entry requirements function
  • show how the "stricter rule" prevails with source eligibility
  • process transactions in source eligibility scenarios
  • demonstrate source level compensation definitions and contribution formulas
  • examine census, compliance and other impacts

Event Details