Plan Entry Requirements

Duration: 60 Min.


The plan document specifies what requirements must be met—if any—before a person is eligible to participate and when they actually enter the plan. These must be set up in Relius Administration so that the Eligibility Transaction can properly determine a person’s qualification, participation and entry. We’ll take a look at how all of this is done and we’ll also process eligibility to show how requirements are met and when a person enters the plan. We’ll also look at how entry dates are calculated, how to set exclusions and how to project entry dates for employees who have satisfied the plan’s requirements.

In this session, we will:
  • understand the entry options and definitions
  • understand the hours and age requirements and entries
  • define years of service and years for vesting and calculate these
  • define entry dates and their application
  • process eligibility to apply all of these requirements
  • understand the projected eligibility process

Event Details