Data Entry Power Tools

Duration: 60 Min.


Relius Administration can hold a great amount of information for each plan participant. Many census fields are optional, and some are simply personal or demographic information. Some fields can be calculated by the system, while others are just using the same fields over again, like payroll. In any event, entering, maintaining and updating all of this can be a challenge. Because there are so many fields to manage, we tend to become creatures of habit—we find one way that works and stay with it because finding a different way might mean delving into an overwhelming sea of possibilities. But that sea contains several tools and processes to make our data input more efficient and accurate. Who knows? Maybe one new way of doing things will make our work easier, our processing more efficient, and maybe, make our whole day.


In this session we will:

  • review available census fields
  • create census DERs
  • discuss formatting options for DER fields
  • perform manual census entry with a census DER
  • import census data
  • use other data entry tools
  • demonstrate Multiple Plan Import
  • examine the Desktop Data Validation Center



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