Match & Discretionary Match Contributions

Duration: 60 Min.

Under Section 401(m), a plan might make contributions on account of employee contributions. These contributions are said to “match” the employee contributions and may be based on a formula specified in the document or may be discretionary. Each year, the plan sponsor might determine what contribution will be made—if any—and at what rate. Match contributions even have their own compliance test. We’ll look at how these contributions are set up in Relius Administration, how the allocations take place and look at the compliance testing needed for match contributions.

In this session, we will:
  • define Matching and Discretionary Match contributions
  • create sources, accounts and formulas for them
  • use these formulas to calculate matching contributions
  • enter and import match amounts
  • post matching contributions and view results
  • show how forfeitures are used with match contributions
  • examine some of the compliance testing associated with match contributions

Event Details