Web Customization

Duration: 60 Min.


In an age where things happen moment-by-moment, the web helps everyone stay connected and up-to-date. How it all looks, though, is up to you. It may be the Relius Web Module, but to the participant or the plan sponsor who accesses it, it’s yours. And you would most likely want it to look the way you want it to. Probably the first thing  anyone will notice about the website is the look. Is it easy to see everything; are the colors pleasant, does it look like it will be easy to find things? And what about the words and the choices? Not every plan will use every available option. These are all things that might need some modification.

Relius Administration has several tools available to change these things, along with many different looks that you can apply to each web page. By using them you’ll be able to make the website yours, and present a more intuitive and up to date web experience for your participants and sponsors.

In this session, we will:

  • modify the text that appears on the site
  • change the overall look by using available style sheets
  • demonstrate how to create a new style sheet for individual use
  • change the web page orientation
  • modify the available menus
  • upload a logo

Event Details