Relius SuiteManager

Relius SuiteManager, a Relius-focused solution for automating database backup and replication tasks, as well as agent monitoring functions.

Audience: IT administrators and end-users responsible for database backup, replication, and agent monitoring responsibilities.

Key Benefits:
Automate routine, but critical daily tasks.
Save disk space with compressed data backups.
Meet fiduciary requirements with encrypted data backups.
Assure potential data restoration with a validated backup process.
Improve access to recent system activity with database replication.
Reduce staff oversight of STP agents with automated monitoring.
Notifies staff via e-mail in the event of errors during backup.

For standalone installations:
Whether you have one or several Relius Administration workstations installed, each database needs to be securely and reliably backed up each day. SuiteManager automates the scheduling, validation, and encryption of daily backups. It can also alert you via email if your backup process fails.

For network installations:
In addition to performing secure daily backups, SuiteManager can add local and offsite replication capabilities for network installations. Replication to production or backup servers provides for timely access to data in the event of failure of a live production server.

Clients employing Straight Through Processing (STP) functionality in Relius Administration can take advantage of SuiteManager's capabilities to monitor agent performance. SuiteManager is designed to restart stalled agents and to launch additional ones (license permitting) when agents reach performance capacity.

The SuiteManager story
In our ASP environment, we host the databases, software, and hardware necessary to run the recordkeeping and administration business of dozens of Relius Administration clients. To manage our responsibility for database backup, replication, and business continuity concerns, we recognized the need to provide an automated, secure solution as well as manage the real-time performance of an ever-growing number of STP agents. In response to this need, our developers authored SuiteManager as a cost-effective, Relius-focused solution. In this demanding live environment, Relius SuiteManager has been tested and performing for more than two years. Now this technology suite is available to all Relius Administration clients.

Learn how to put Relius SuiteManager to work in your environment. Contact us at (800) 326-7235, option 6.