Easy Data Entry
Legislative Determination & Monitoring
Powerful Solving Routines
Comprehensive Reports

Easy Data Entry
A user-friendly data entry design means a short learning curve and increased efficiency for you - almost immediately!

  • List box selections to reduce keystrokes
  • Create a library of reusable plan design templates
  • Employee census grid for mass input
  • Automatic import of census information
  • Data integrity validations
  • On-line context-sensitive help available on every data field

Legislative Determination & Monitoring
The latest statutes and regulations are reflected, including:

  • Determination of key and highly compensated employees
  • Determination of top heavy status
  • 402(g) deferral limits
  • 401(k) and 401(m) discrimination tests
  • Maximum disparity
  • 415 and 404 maximum limitations
  • 401(a)(4)/410(b) Nondiscrimination Testing (Optional)
  • Safe harbor formulas

Powerful Solving Routines
Built-in solving routines quickly and accurately meet the needs of your most demanding clients, while impressing them with your efficiency!

  • Pie charts and other displays to enhance your illustrations - for easy interpretation of results
  • Change assumptions quickly and generate "what-if" scenarios
  • Solve for a cost goal as a specified dollar amount or as a percent of compensation
  • "Solve to Pass" calculations for 401(k) plan discrimination tests and for cross-tested plans (including class allocations and gateway testing)
  • Solve for maximum disparity
  • Keogh earned income solving
  • Solve for maximize key employee contributions and minimize others
  • Select multiple plan designs and illustrate on a side-by-side basis
  • Perform "takeover" proposals for plans with existing assets

Comprehensive Reports
With our comprehensive, pre-formatted reports (including graphs and charts), you can illustrate one or more plan designs quickly and effectively. A list of available reports can be found here.

  • Contribution reports
  • Values at retirement illustrations, including estimated social security and replacement ratio reports
  • Extensive checking facilities
  • Legislative reports
  • "Side-by-Side" comparison reports illustrating multiple plan designs
  • 401(k) enrollment and feasibility reports
  • Export data to other programs including Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel and PDF files
  • Customize your own reports using Crystal Report Writer